NSCAD university

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Status: Government

Year of fuondation: 1973

Number of students:4 000

Information about Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Founded in 1887, it is the most famous university of art and design in Canada, as well as the first university of arts in North America. The university attracts artists, artists and masters from all over the world, and also maintains close relationships with famous art galleries, animation studios and film companies not only in Canada, but also far beyond its borders.

It has a great past and a brilliant future. Many students and teachers are holders of awards and winners of international competitions. For example, the short film The Paper Man, a graduate of the University of John Kars, received the Oscar for the Best Animated Short Film.

The university is located in the center of the capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax. This green city with a 380-year history and a population of half a million people, is the largest settlement on the Atlantic coast, and also a recognized stronghold of music and culture.


Аcademic programs

All programs begin with the Foundation's experimental annual program, which lays the foundation for the basic concepts of art. The second year of study allows students to plunge deeper into the selected profile at the elementary level. During the third year, students begin a more in-depth study of the chosen direction, conduct individual studio and academic projects under the strict guidance of world-famous professors.

  • Cinema
  • Engraving art (Drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture)
  • Synthetic art
  • Jewellery Design and Metal Forging
  • The photo
  • Fashion
  • Art History
  • Interdisciplinary Design
  • Ceramics


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